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{{buyOptionLabel(option)}}. flower ID: scabiosa pods. the dainty scabiosa stellata - scabiosa pods, are also known as paper moons, or star-flower pincushions. Striking in a bridal bouquet or  Rosor ( Rosa ); Starflower ( Scabiosa stellata ); Statice ( Limonium sinuatum ); Strawflower ( Xerochrysum bracteatum ); Yarrow ( Achillea millefolium )  flower ID: scabiosa pods.

Starflower scabiosa

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Pincushion Flower Starflower. Scabiosa stellata. Tall, heavily branched plants have silvery foliage topped with sturdy, smoky periwinkle florets with a silvery center. Once blooms give way, they leave behind light brown orb-shaped seedpods that are great for drying and adding texture to arrangements. Starflower Seed (A/2')(FS) 1-1/2" round globe shaped flowerheads are made up of unusual seeds that look like Badminton Birdies. The speres dry to make a fascinating flower for bouquets and decorations.

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The beautifully textured pod is formed by many small little rounded circles that create a rounded ball shape. Scabiosa pods are not technically a flower but rather the seed pod of the plant.

Starflower scabiosa

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Starflower scabiosa

Botanical Name: Scabiosa stellata. Family: Caprifoliaceae. Native: Southwestern Europe and North  Scabiosa is also known as pincushion flowers because they work perfectly as focal or filler. Buy bulk wholesale Scabiosa flowers for weddings and any other  24 Dec 2018 Scabiosa stellata is a species of flowering plant in the honeysuckle family known by the common name starflower pincushions. (Formerly it had  $12.95 · Sunny Girlfriend Daffodil.

Starflower scabiosa

https://www.johnnyseeds.com/flowers/scabiosa-pincushion-flower/starflower-scabiosa-seed-3785.11.html. Scabiosa, Starflower, Scabiosa stellata (80 days) A texture lover’s dream, the Starflower is actually a seed pod. Very diminutive petals quickly senesce to reveal a swelling, globe-like center with many papery transparent seeds all distinguished with a small black star at the center. These are so fun fresh or dried, and they are also an eye-catching addition to the annual border. This particular scabiosa has small pale blue blossoms but is really grown for its bronze colored seed heads with dark star shaped centers.
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Features: Open Pollinated, Good for Dried Flowers: Color: White: Blooms: These intricate flowers have spherical seed heads that can be used to create lovely dried arrangements. Jutting vertically from the base of the plant on long stems, the bracts that accompany the mature seed are papery cones, clustering together to suggest a delicate, lightweight geodesic sphere. At the center of each cone, the remnants of the bloom 2019-02-26 Very pretty. The flowers aren't huge. About the size of other annual scabiosas if not slightly smaller.

833-587-5043. Starflower Tigerdirectstore punishability Zig Aborn.
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Scabiosa Stellata, Kaprifol, Dekorativ Torkad Blomma För

$ 3.95 Scabiosa, Beauty Mix Flora. $ 3.95.

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Scabiosa Stellata, Kaprifol, Dekorativ Torkad Blomma För

Interpreting Wetland Scabiosa atropurpurea was the first scabious to be introduced into cultivation in 1591. Since then several species have been introduces and many cultivars are now available as popular garden ornamentals.

Latin name: Scabiosa Stellata. Days to maturity: 90-95 days. Life Cycle: Annual.